Welcome to LAAX! We are glad that you've decided to participate in one of our RIDERS Bike Camps. Please note that it is important for us that each participant makes a separate reservation. This is necessary to get all the major details per person.
Personal information per participant
First name*
Street, house no.*
Postcode/ZIP Code*
Town or City*
Email address*
Available Camp Dates
CAMP 4 - 22 August to 27 August 2021
CAMP 5 - 29 August to 03 September 2021
CAMP 6 - 5 September to 10 September 2021
CAMP 7 - 12 September to 17 September 2021
CAMP 8 - 19 September to 24 September 2021
CAMP 9 - 26 September to 1 October 2021
CAMP 10 - 3 October to 8 October 2021
CAMP 11 - 17 October to 22 October 2021
Additional information per person
Special needs
Diet or allergies
Date of Birth
Room Category
Attention: Due to COVID-19, single travelers can only book a room with single occupancy.
The double and shared rooms can be occupied only by persons traveling together. The price for double and triple rooms is calculated for one person per stay.
single room
1,695.00 CHF
double room (price per person)
1,545.00 CHF
I share the room with...
friends room for 3 persons (price per person)
1,395.00 CHF
I share the room with...
Additional nights
Please send us an offer for additional nights at the Riders Hotel, prior to/after the camp.
Bike-Rental (Enduro full suspension) incl. helmet and protection
If you do not bring your own bike, please select the number of days for which a bike is needed. For the participation in a week Bike Camp a bike is needed for 4 days (Monday-Thursday). If you want to rent the bike longer, please specify the desired duration. We can not guarantee the availability if you extend the duration of the rental belatedly.

I'll bring my own bike with me. (full suspension mountain bike recommended)
Bike Rental - 4 Days
260.00 CHF
Bike Rental - 5 Days
300.00 CHF
Bike Rental - 6 Days
340.00 CHF
Bike Rental - 7 Days
390.00 CHF
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